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Mask Fashion with HAT! You Can’t Miss Out On!

Mask fashion

Whether you like it or not, wearing masks has become the new normal. That doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate some fashion alongside wearing a mask. Pairing a hat with a mask gives you the option to look very discreet and ultra-stylish at the same time.

Here are a few ways to pair a mask and a hat together to look super fashionable and stay safe at the same time!

French Chic

Mask Fashion - French Chic

Channel the artisan inside you and pair your mask with a lovely beret. The Zara Wool Blend-Black Beret is an excellent option for anyone looking to channel some French Chic. It’s also super easy to pair with any outfit.

The Wool Blend is super soft and ensures that you remain warm and cozy during the winters. It’s the perfect outfit that’ll bring out your artistic personality. Anyone can wear a beret and immediately start looking more intellectual. The hat sits perfectly on the top of your head as well, so it doesn’t give the impression that you’re trying to hide your face.

Canadian Warm

In colder climates, wearing a hat isn’t just about being fashionable; it’s a necessary part of staying warm. This fuzzy white hat is the perfect accessory to pair with your mask to stay warm during the winters. Its bucket style gives off a very chill vibe and can work perfectly with a white scarf.

It looks especially cute with a mask because the bucket style doesn’t fall over the eyes and lets them remain visible. Hats are a must-have accessory during the winter and look adorable paired with any winter outfit. Getting to stay warm when your outdoors is also definitely a bonus.

The Elegant Hepburn

Mask fashion - The Elegant Hepburn

Who wouldn’t want to channel the style of Hollywood beauties of the past? Embrace your best Audrey Hepburn with a lovely Maison Michel Black fedora hat. The hat is classy and features a simple white ribbon across.

Accessorize to the max when you’re wearing this hat because it’ll enhance the look. It’ll pair brilliantly with some pearl earrings, long black leather gloves, and black sunglasses. Once again, the hat fits perfectly with a mask because the hate leaves more than enough room for the eyes to be visible. The lovely hat works perfectly when you want to dress up and look your elegant best.

The Handsome Girl

Mask Fashion - Handsome Girl

Sometimes instead of being elegant and graceful, you want to go outside with some attitude. That’s where the Ruslan Baginskiy black baker boy hat comes into the picture. Pair this brilliant hat with a leather jacket to give off a proper biker look.

The hat style ensures that it manages to provide shade to the eyes, but it doesn’t come in front of the eyes. You also have the option to wear the hat backward for a completely different look.


Wearing masks has become a modern necessity because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make masks seem very fashionable. Pairing with the proper hat can be an ideal way of styling your mask!

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