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Why Is It Important for Children to Wear Face Masks?

ASTM Level 2 Procedure Face Mask for Kids

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, and as per CDC recommendations, all individuals must wear face masks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These recommendations are also extended to children who are susceptible to the virus and can quickly spread it as well. It is next to impossible to keep your child indoors for nearly an entire year.

At some point, kids will be exposed to the outside world, and perhaps even with someone who has been infected with the coronavirus. This is especially true, considering how unsure most countries around the world are about reopening schools, it is essential for parents to reinforce protective practices in their children so that they stay safe from this deadly virus.

One of the most important methods of preventing this disease’s spread is by wearing a face mask! This includes getting your child to wear one as well. 

What Kind of Face Mask Should Your Child Wear?

According to the World Health Organisation, kids who do not have any underlying health issues can wear non-medical or fabric masks. However, the best kind of mask for your child would be one that offers adequate protection and is easy to breathe in as well.

Level 2 masks that have an adjustable nose bar and elastic ear loops are perfectly suited for children to wear. They are also the safest and most comfortable masks you could use for your child.

Three-layered masks made from non-woven fabric and filter material should always be given priority over other kinds of face masks for children. This is because such masks offer excellent protection against bacteria and viruses like the coronavirus while being breathable and comfortable to wear. Having colorful masks can also encourage kids to wear them more often. 

When Should Kids Wear Masks?

It’s recommended that children always keep a mask on when stepping out of their homes. Nonetheless, at times, some parents may wish to remove their child’s facemask for a while. However, kids should always have a face mask on under the following circumstances:

  • If a distance of more than 6 ft cannot be maintained
  • If your child is in a crowded area or an indoor environment that isn’t their home
  • If your child is exhibiting symptoms related to the coronavirus such as dry cough and fever
  • If stated by law 

The Perfect Mask for Your Kid

Wearing a face mask is essential for kids to protect them from the Covid19 pandemic. However, not all masks are suitable for kids and maybe uncomfortable for them to wear and breathe in. Soothy Garden’s ASTM Level 2 Procedure Face Mask for Kids is an excellent product when it comes to protective face masks for children.

Not only are these facemasks colorful and fun, but they are also made from the best quality non-woven fabric and filter material. Making them breathable and soft yet highly effective. Their adjustable nose bar and elastic ear loops ensure that the mask remains firmly in place over your child’s nose and mouth, and they remain safe from all sorts of bacteria and viruses.  

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