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How to Choose a Plexiglass Barrier for Your Office?


A plexiglass barrier is a shield made from a petroleum-based thermoplastic. It’s clear and transparent, just like glass, but comparatively cheaper and is quite challenging to break.

This simple little thing may not seem like much of a necessity in your office. However, if the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the little things matter. 

A plexiglass barrier is important to protect yourself in your office. It will act as the first line of defense against coughs and sneezes. This function is especially crucial if your workstation has a lot of traffic.

So, we’ll be guiding you through how you can choose the perfect plexiglass shield for your office.

Choosing a Plexiglass Barrier for Your Office

If you’re going to choose the right plexiglass barrier for your office, you can’t just pick the any transparent wall. That’s the first step to losing the value for your money.

To help you make the best choice, consider:


Plexiglass, no matter the density, will not break easily. However, this material isn’t invincible. It can still get scratched, dented, bent, and generally suffer damage. If people are going to be moving in and out of your office often, you’ll need your barrier to be reasonably thick.

Additionally, you want to make sure that the thickness is even across all parts of the plexiglass sheet. This’ll improve its durability enough to withstand any external impacts (accidental or otherwise).

Ease of Installation

You’re protecting against microorganisms and minor impact, not a nuclear explosion. If your plexiglass will be too difficult to install, you may be going in the wrong direction.

In this regard, we’ll advise that you get a plexiglass barrier you can easily screw in in a couple of minutes.


Your plexiglass barrier may be the right size for the space it will occupy. If it is too small, you run the risk of betraying the purpose of buying it. In that case, you’ll end up leaving yourself/employees exposed to danger.

On the other hand, if it’s too big, you may have issues cleaning it. This will be particularly challenging if the plexiglass is mounted on a table or counter.

Optical Clarity

It’s much easier to look through some types of glass than others. 

For the best results, ensure that your glass has a reasonably high level of optical clarity. This should be between 88-90%. This way, you’ll be able to see people on the other side of the glass easily. However, if your job doesn’t require this, then there’s always the option to get a glass with a lower rating.


Among the requirements for getting a plexiglass barrier for your office, these rank the highest. When upgrading your office to offer more protection for your workers, keep them in mind to get your money’s worth.

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