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Cloth face masks VS Medical Masks

Medical masks are originally intended to be used by medical practitioners when treating patients to prevent bacteria from droplets from the doctor’s or nurse’s mouth or nose to the patient. However, with the spread of COVID-19 all around the world, the general population, whether ill or not, are advised or even mandated in certain countries, to wear masks to protect themselves and others from the deadly epidemic.

Cloth face Mask vs. Medical Mask

Most people wear general masks made of cloth to cover their mouth and nose when going out during this epidemic, but is it that effective in blocking the virus from entering your system?

Verifiable research about the spread of the virus is still lacking since the spread of this epidemic. Some research points out that the virus is contained in droplets and can be spread when sneezing or coughing from those who have the symptoms, or through talking or even just breathing from asymptomatic carriers. Other researches have pointed out the possibility that the virus can linger suspended in the air for a few hours before it settles on the ground.

Whichever the case is, wearing general cloth masks may not provide you the needed protection against Coronavirus because it offers low protection barrier, no filtration properties and low fluid resistance as droplets can easily pass through it along with the viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, cloth masks don’t always fit properly, allowing tiny airborne particles to enter and exit the mask through the gaps.

Why Choose Our Medical Masks?

To ensure you have higher protection against COVID-19, use high-quality medical masks that offer:

Effective Filtration

Choose medical masks with high bacterial and viral filtration efficiency, preferably with more than 98% efficiency. This ensures dust, bacteria, virus, dust, smoke, pollen are do not enter your system.

Easy Breathing

High-quality medical masks do not make breathing difficult. Choose masks that offer three layers of protection but are still breathable and soft to prevent irritation when worn for hours.

Fluid Resistance

Masks that are fluid resistant prevent droplets and aerosols from penetrating the mask’s layers, thus, keeping you protected from diseases or prevents you from spreading harmful particles to others.

Adjustable Fit

Making sure your mask fits around your mouth and nose with no gaps ensures that you do not accidentally breathe in airborne particles. High-quality masks have adjustable nose bars and elastic ear loops that ensure a comfortable fit.

If you’re looking for high-quality medical masks to protect against bacteria and viruses, our ASTM Level 2 Face Mask and Disposable Face Mask are medical-grade and high-quality masks that offer all the benefits mentioned above.

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