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COVID-19 in Children: Can My Child Get Infected? How Do I Keep Them Safe?

With over 11.8 million cases recorded, the pandemic continues to spread. With schools getting closed and playdates reduced to a minimum, parents are now terrified about their children’s health and well-being. The virus has taken a toll on children’s lives, ruining their day-to-day routines.

Parents are uncertain if a child will have the exact same symptoms as an adult, or the infection poses a more serious threat. Here, we will answer all your questions for you to help you get properly prepared.

What Are the Odds of a Child Getting Infected with COVID-19?

According to the United Kingdom National Health Service, anyone can get infected with COVID-19, including children. But, it seems that the virus is less prevalent in the younger generation, while more present in adults and the elderly.

Based on clinical reports, out of 150,000 COVID-19 cases in the U.S., only around 2,500 were registered in children. That’s about 1.7% of the infected. Similar reports have been shown in different regions and countries, especially Italy and China, where the outbreak has left a major impact.

Despite the countless recorded cases around the globe, not that many children have lost their lives due to COVID-19. While every child is capable of getting infected, they are not as prone to diseases as the older population. They also have less chance to contract something as severe as the coronavirus.

The reason for that is the body structure and the number of antibodies. Since children get sick with the flu often, their body produces more antibodies and a lot quicker. The antibodies don’t overreact with the virus and tend to remove the pathogens much faster.

What About Children With Diabetes?

Unfortunately, any person with an underlying medical condition, like diabetes, is more vulnerable to the disease. If a child already has diabetes, they are at high risk of contracting the coronavirus.

The same thing applies to children with cardiovascular diseases, genetic illnesses, and poor immune system.

Are Toddlers At Risk of COVID-19?

COVID-19 in toddlers is very rare, but still possible. If they do get infected, the virus can be a serious problem for their overall health, particularly in babies younger than one year.

Toddlers are extremely vulnerable to diseases. Their immune system is underdeveloped, and their body has very tiny airways. If the infection were to cause breathing difficulties, like it’s the case with COVID-19, it could turn into a critical illness.

How to Protect Your Child from COVID-19?

Keeping your child safe from the virus should be a top priority. The CDC advises parents to do that by:

  • Teaching children proper hygiene
  • Inspiring them to wear a face mask
  • Encouraging them to play outdoors and stay socially active
  • Show them the importance of keeping a safe distance

What to Do If Your Child Gets Infected?

If you notice any flu-like symptoms, high temperature, or trouble breathing, get your child tested. If they test positive, seek medical help in the pediatric care unit immediately. Your doctor will provide your child with the supportive care they need, including medicine and treatment.

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