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How Can UV Lamps Protect You In Daily Life

You’ve probably heard the term ‘UV light’ or ultraviolet light, but do you know what it is? UV light is essentially an invisible light that is all around us. Despite the fact that we can’t see it, it’s extremely beneficial for us.


In fact, UV radiation is often used to disinfect surfaces, reduce pollutants in waters, and is even used as an alternative to chemical solutions. Given this, it’s no surprise that the trend of having UV lamps is rising. If you’re thinking of getting one, it’s essential to know how UV lamps can protect you.


UV lamps can protect you through the UV light they emit. Here are some benefits of UV light you may not have known about.


Your body needs exposure to UV light in order to produce Vitamin D, which is used to build up immunity and is a crucial part of bone development. Thus, a UV lamp can help you maintain healthy bone density.


Vitamin D levels in the body have been directly linked to the production of serotonin as well. While we dont know much about serotonins role in the body, we do know that it causes feelings of happiness and well-being.


You dont have to worry about UV radiation harming you. Luckily, our skin has a special pigment, melanin, which protects us from UV radiation. Viruses and bacteria, however, have no protection against UV radiation, which is why UV light does an excellent job of eradicating them. 


UV light is just EM radiation with a specific wavelength, which means the smaller the wavelength, the stronger the radiation. Hence, UV lamps with different wavelengths are used for different purposes.

To make it easier, we divide UV light into three categories. UVA, UVB, and UVC, with UVC being the strongest and UVA being the weakest.


UVA is used in tanning beds because this light can trigger the production of melanin in your body – giving you a tanned look. UVA is also used for UV curing, which causes adhesives to bind quickly when UV rays are incident on them. UV rays speed up the process.


This is used for cleaning/sanitizing water. UVB is also used to treat skin diseases. Youll find one in your closest barbershop!


UVC is the strongest form of UV light. Therefore, it is often used to sanitize hospital floors and surgical tools.



The life of a UV lamp is considerably long, but it can be even longer if you take of it properly. Weve compiled a list of ways you can make your lamp last longer.


Like all things, UV lamps can collect dust and debris from the air. So, make sure that you clean your lamp once a month using a lint-free cloth soaked in Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Remember to always wear gloves!


Making sure that your UV lamp has the right temperature is extremely important. Place your UV lamp is a space with proper ventilation but also make sure it is not too cool.


So, youre probably wondering if UV lamps can kill viruses, can the lamps be used to fight Covid-19? Yes! Absolutely. UV light destroys the outer layer of the virus, killing it. Sadly, there are a few problems with commercially available UV lamps that make them only somewhat useful for this purpose. However, you can still wipe out the majority of the virus on most surfaces. Read about it more here.


Many people think that if UV light can kill viruses, it may be harmful to humans too. The answer isnt as simple as a yes or a no. If exposed to high-intensity UV rays, you can get sunburn or even skin cancer in rare cases.

With proper precautions, UV lamps are incredibly safe. Wearing full-sleeves shirts and full-length pants can save you from skin irritation. Remember to always wear UV-protection sunglasses or eye-gear when dealing with UV lamps.

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